• About Raymond Stone

    An investor and entrepreneur, Raymond Stone is also a philanthropist with strong convictions about wildlife conservation.


    Raymond also works as a consultant, relying on three decades of experience to offer construction advice to Canadian healthcare providers.

    Raymond grew up in South Africa, and frequently visited the country’s incredible parks, which were full of wildlife. He is especially fond of his family’s trips to Kruger National Park, the place that first inspired Raymond’s love of wildlife and photography.


    When he immigrated to Toronto, Canada, in his 20s, Raymond embraced life as an entrepreneur, founding Futuremed Health Care Products, a healthcare distribution company.


    After successfully leading the company for 30 years, Raymond sold it to Cardinal Health, a leading global healthcare provider, and turned his attention back to the wild places that inspired him in his youth.


    Now Raymond serves as a director of the board with the Big Life Foundation, where he works closely with a dedicated global team using innovative conservation strategies to protect and sustain East Africa’s wildlife, including one of the greatest populations of elephants remaining in the region.


    Raymond Stone returns to Africa often, striving for greater preservation of its wildlife.

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